Cyril de Fontenay


53 years old. 25 years of experience in incoming travel, working on MICE and major sport events. After having travelled throughout the world to attract clients to France for many years, he is convinced that a new phase of development is unfolding for DMCs.


Nicolas Thibault


32 years old. 10 years of programme management with agencies from all over the world. Attachment to detail, reactivity, rapid execution are just part of his qualities. He will prove to you that France can offer the best and knows the suppliers who will make it happen.


Zeynep Vicarini


Zeynep is an experienced international event manager with 11 years in a number of Europe's leading travel agencies, most recently as Head of Worldwide Events for Etsmice. Co-Founder of Set My Way, Zeynep is passionate about projects that transform lives. 
She is a partner of Paris Key building a brighter future together. She holds a BA in Economics from Ege University and MA in Marketing Communications Management from Galatasaray University.