After observing for many years DMCs throughout the world,
Cyril de Fontenay and Nicolas Thibault decided to propose their own vision of what a DMC should offer.



The first element is trust. In order to obtain the best results, client and DMC must work hand in hand. Trust only exists if you meet the person and talk together, sharing the ideas, determining the precise services needed and operating throughout with full transparency. To trigger off that trust, we offer a free hotel research for your groups.



Negotiating rates. Following the dates and the size of your group, rates vary greatly. A board meeting of 12 persons during peak season will pay more per person than a group of 100 persons coming in low season. We make sure you obtain the best deals throughout the year from all our suppliers.



A good relationship. This supposes rapid and precise answers to all RFPs and immediate follow ups on all developments, until final invoicing. We commit to this, with a smile!



Reliable suppliers. We have hand-picked our suppliers who will do that extra mile to make the event happen smoothly. They don’t cut corners and neither do we! We double-check everything to provide the flawless execution of all services requested.



New clients. With a new agency, we are starting an adventure that we want you to be part of. Our aim is a long-term partnership with all our clients, our goal is to be your right arm, when you have events in France.